Two weirdos who love food and each other. We love trying local restaurants, cooking, and taking pictures of our food to varying degrees of success (spoiler alert: Neal’s photos are always perfect, so if you see a bad photo, it’s Meghan’s).

Listen, we’ll just come out and tell you the full embarrassing story of becoming Meal.  When Meal met, it was love at first bite…I MEAN SIGHT! So Meghan obviously had a realization that their couple name would be Meal, and that they were thus meant to be together and fulfill her lifelong dream of having an epic food blog. A couple weeks of “does he/she like me back” tension followed, during which Meal both attended a camping trip with mutual friends. On a grocery stop on the way to this trip, Meghan very nonchalantly approached Neal and told him, “You know what I just realized? Our friendship name is Meal!” (Read as, “You know what I ‘just’ realized? Our ‘friendship’ name is Meal!”) Nailed it. It was clearly destiny.

Anyways, now we’re married. Consider us the most important Meal of your day.

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